Top tips for selling – With Matt Clarkson

  • Start from the front. Stand at the curb and look for imperfections such as: repairing/replacing/painting fascia boards, paint/reseal/replace ridge capping, paint columns/support beams on front porch (if any), clean front deck/pressure wash concrete/cement, paint window trims, fix fly screens and so on.
  • Gutters, roof and exterior boards! Buyers will always factor in any structural work they need to complete when looking at your home. If the cladding is cracked and guttering leaking, it may be a good idea to consider replacing where possible. If all is in good condition but looks a little dated, some paint can usually do the trick.
  • Fencing! If you have a cute picket fence, paint it! And repair any palings (if needed) as well as ensuring the gates open and work as they should. If you have other fencing ensure it all looks the same (or close enough), paint the railings where needed or replace damaged panels.
  • The tour. Complete a tour of your own home and look for what might stand out to buyers, such as: chips or cracks to architraves/skirting boards, consider polishing old timber flooring (if needed), update old carpet or carpet that has been damaged/worn, patch n paint in areas on walls/ceiling or cornices, re-grout bathroom/kitchen splash back (if tiled) to create a new clean feel.
  • GOOD WITH A BRUSH? The power of the feature wall! Don’t be afraid to get creative with the paint brush and create your own masterpiece to some walls throughout the home. Ideally, keep the feature wall colours or designs very neutral so that most furniture/bed suits/fittings and fixtures will blend in well. Most sellers won’t consider adding feature walls or painting prior to selling because of the fear that new buyers will only re-paint anyways. Consider painting / feature walls as your competitive edge over other sellers… you want buyers to take notice, remember and visit your home and it all starts with the property’s photography & video. Feature walls stand out and help people subconsciously connect with your home. If your home stands out online the better the chance of having more people through the door and increasing your sales result.
  • Everyone loves a yard, so make the best use of it! A few succulents here and there or a few potted plants on the back verandah/patio can help make the yard look so much more presentable. If you have dogs/animals ask a friend or family member to mind them while you green up the yard with some TLC while the fur-babies are gone. Deciduous trees/plants work well in the warmer/cooler months. Trim hedges/trees that obstruct any natural light coming into the home or entertaining areas.
  • Have a timber deck? Merbau timber is extremely popular and rightfully so. It’s a very durable board, expensive and will last far longer than most other boards in our tough Aussie conditions. If you have Merbau, show it off! Lacquer it, shine it up and don’t let anyone make it dirty while you’re selling (I know, that’s going to be hard!). If you don’t have Merbau, that’s fine! Consider replacing old boards that are worn/rotted with new boards, paint the deck, seal the deck or lacquer the deck to help improve presentation.
  • The finishing touches. Go to other open houses or look at properties in the sold and for sale sections of Domain / and look for similarities for nice presentable fixtures, fittings, designs, furniture and so on. Sometimes new tapware, doors, door handles, bench tops and shiny new appliances can be enough to improve the presentation of your home. Other items that seem to be working well at the moment; electric/gas fireplaces, 900mm free-standing gas cooktops with electric oven in kitchen, matte black or new chrome tapware and LED lighting instead of oyster light fittings, nice plush carpets in bedrooms, updated ceiling fans, floating timber flooring or vinyl planks are an awesome alternative to tiles in living/dining areas!
  • It’s too dark… where’s the light? Natural lighting in a home makes a huge difference. Being able to open curtains/blinds/shutters is not only a healthier, natural & more positive way to light the home it will also help save on bills. Don’t have any objects blocking windows or wide passages projecting natural light and have curtains and blinds opened as far as possible to allow as much light into the home.
  • Lastly, staging! When you are selling, buyers do not want to see your wedding photos, family photos, children, grandma, grandpa, dog, cat, bird …. you get the point. De-clutter and de-personalise! Buyers want to walk through the home and imagine what they can put on the wall and in doing so, begin to build an emotional connection to your home! Now, furniture is a big selling point. Why? Because if you have a 6-seater lounge overflowing in a 4-seater space … it looks cramped. Vice versa, if you have a 2-seater lounge sitting in a huge open space, it doesn’t show the potential of the room size. Having the right furniture in the right areas will massively help present your home at its best!
If you are thinking of selling, I would strongly recommend speaking with us before starting your house-selling preparation! Why? Because every home is different, it’s free advice from people who see homes daily, it’s reassuring to confirm your plans and to discuss your ideas with an agent.